Introducing MantraReads: Musings on life, art, and what makes us … us

We build our lives around the choices we make, the people we love, and the tools we take to use along the way. We set about our lives motivated by what fuels our needs and what fills our hearts. Instinct guides us.

Let us explore and muse over what ordains our sensibilities. Why is it we pick one thing over another? What is it that launches us in the multitude of trajectories we collectively sail? What energies, modern or ancient, then yarn and fuse these into a life? Mystery abounds.

Over millennia, scientific and philosophical minds, often revered in their fields, have fostered invaluable insight. Yet there is still so much left to investigate…so much left to ponder. What makes us, us? MantraReads traverses art, design, music, and everyday life in the spirit of discovery. Glowing moments await. Join me!

-MantraReads | Matthew Michael McChesney

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